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In RA Scalp have been used the new techniques which regards to the Micropigmentation technique
dose the simulation of the hair follicle. Therefore, everyone should be trained to pass this technique
separately, to readiness to provide a good scalp by the Micropigmentation technique for scalp. We
do this technique for men and women who have hair loss problems which occurs at the age of 23
to 60, the reasons for these hair loss are inappropriate nutrition, nervous pressure, disease and
inheritance which suffers more than 25 to 30 percent of the world's population. In this technique,
we help those who have hair loss and fill up their empty skin by this method. For whom this
technique is appropriate: Elimination of Baldness, Alopecia Patients, Covering Wounds, skin
problems, and men or women who have hair loss.

It is a basic element or entrance to the academy period for studying the skills and doing more practices. If the academy have high quality verified works the during 3 – 6 months, the students are became an artist after spending 150 hours of exercises and send his/her a certification or a logo from the academy, but all the work must be confirmed with satisfaction and impeccable; otherwise, they could not receive the certificate or logo at first, that it is the meaning of dismissal for his/her.


After participating in the mastering course and passing the stages perfectly, each Silver Artist can teach to the students, artists, and royal artists in 1, 2 and 3 levels. The master must answer all the problems of the sub-groups within 48 hours and must notice all the work with Gold Master. All Masters are selected by Gold Master. Being a Master, they should be having at least 700 subgroups and passing the term of a year and a half of their Silver period. All the certificates presented to the students in the name of Gold Master.

Basic Training

Basic course represents a detailed introduction to the skill


A two-day workshop that introduces participants with basic principles of PhiBrows treatment.

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