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Toiletry by RA Technique is a quick and easy process. This is one of the best methods and beauty
technique of RA Academy. Therefore, there is a great need to embellish for women that makes
beauty your skin without any inconvenience and easily. Unfortunately, always there is no any
result easily, shin care play an important role in natural task but what many people have forgotten
or do not have time to dress, instead, we help through these techniques without spending too much
time and also look like more natural than before. In this cases, providing training, toilet and
satisfaction of all customers to achieve the great and different goals.

It is a basic element or entrance to the academy period for studying the skills and doing more practices. If the academy have high quality verified works the during 3 – 6 months, the students are became an artist after spending 150 hours of exercises and send his/her a certification or a logo from the academy, but all the work must be confirmed with satisfaction and impeccable; otherwise, they could not receive the certificate or logo at first, that it is the meaning of dismissal for his/her.


Artist is a person who has previously been a student of the Academy and is passing the level and the course by confirmation of an academic endorsement. Each artist has his or her own certificate or logo under the supervision of the academy which it is recorded on the academy site and its profile. An artist must have hard-working to publish all his/her work. Becoming a Royal Artist, he/she must have at least 6 months the position of an artist, also it is said that all the work is confirmed and being better than the previous level without any problem.

Basic Training


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