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RALASH Extension with newest the modern techniques teaches you extraordinary designs that have several levels. Level One: Eyelash Extension Artificial eyelash connector which is produced using various materials (Material, thickness, size, color) happens to the person’s natural eyelashes, but in lifts and laminate the reinforcement and conditioner materials of eyelashes are natural That will be done without inductor on the eyelashes of the person and will strengthen and rejuvenate the eyelashes, if that all cases are done correctly.

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Level Two:

Classic Extension

Classic Eyelash Extension, in this method an artificial eyelashes are glued to one of the natural eyelashes of the person.

If appropriate the number of natural eyelashes then will be provide a prettier volume.

Note: Whatever the number of natural eyelashes is less the number of extension will be less.

Level Three:

Volume Eyelashes Extension:

A new method that todays has found countless partial around the world …Which are known called as multi-dimensional extensions.

Includes many models and techniques that are only done by specialists.

It is a basic element or entrance to the academy period for studying the skills and doing more practices. If the academy have high quality verified works the during 3 – 6 months, the students are became an artist after spending 150 hours of exercises and send his/her a certification or a logo from the academy, but all the work must be confirmed with satisfaction and impeccable; otherwise, they could not receive the certificate or logo at first, that it is the meaning of dismissal for his/her.

Become Artist

Artist is every person who has previously been a PhiBrows Students and successfully passed Craft Master application training.
Each Artist obtains a certificate, logo with the unique number, introduction to the PhiBrows map on the website.
If an Artist wants to advance, he/she has to practice hard, publish his/her works and follow all the changes in techniques and materials.

In order for an Artist to become a Royal Artist, he/she has to have the title of an Artist for at least 6 months.
He/she can become a Royal Artists after being proposed by his/her or some other Master. If all the Masters agree, an Artist is pronounced a Royal Artist.

To get started You are required to attend one of the following basic course:

Basic Training

Basic course represents a detailed introduction to the skill


A two-day workshop that introduces participants with basic principles of PhiBrows treatment.

RAAcademies WorldWide

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Become a Royal artist

You are already Artist and want to become a Royal artist? Please proceed to the next step:

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