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After a month, the pigments are demonstrated 10 or 15% of its main colors and among first 5-7 days are completely dark, and after 7 days, about 40% of the darkness disappears. Do not think too much of the darkness of the color and just waiting. The colors are gradually brightened and based on the type of the skin, the pigment stay in the skin. Oily skin keeps pigmentation less than other types of skin, or it can be said that the disappearing of color in the oily skin is more than other types of skin. Exposure to high sunlight has also playing an important role in the fading out of the pigments. In general, the durability of micro-plating is for 10 to 12 months. If the skin is oily, the durability of the pigments is 6 months. Restoration of the work is always done after 28 days because the disappeared and destroyed pigments can be replaced after 28 days and became the natural and brilliant pigments. It can also be prepared the oily skin with high-resin greasy before doing anything, because after that 70% of the pigments remain constant. Washing and caring of the eyebrow is very important, because the 30% of the Pigment is depends to type or performing and 70% with self-care as well as each preparation depends on the quality of the skin after the preparation and exposure to light rays. These agents are not under the control of pigment and it has no guarantee for the control of the pigments. Before beginning the working with the pigments, it should be consulted to know all the skin problems and the use of medication and health problems. Before doing anything on the skin, it is necessary to un-injection the Botox or exposed on the laser or sunlight.

It is a basic element or entrance to the academy period for studying the skills and doing more practices. If the academy have high quality verified works the during 3 – 6 months, the students are became an artist after spending 150 hours of exercises and send his/her a certification or a logo from the academy, but all the work must be confirmed with satisfaction and impeccable; otherwise, they could not receive the certificate or logo at first, that it is the meaning of dismissal for his/her.


An artist who can be active one on all virtual networks after 6 months of working and publish his/her working that is approved by an academy, the they can be achieved the title of a Royal Artiste. Each Royal Artist receives a new certificate or logo to participate in Groups and academic applications. It should be noted that a Royal Artist is allowed to teach students along with his/her superior master. Any Royal Artist should try more than before to receive the higher rank and being a Silver Artist at least one year and having 400 subsets


Basic Training

Basic course represents a detailed introduction to the skill


A two-day workshop that introduces participants with basic principles of PhiBrows treatment.

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